Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Has Anybody Seen My Gal

by rabramson:
The movie last evening was “Has Anybody See My Gal” a light comedy set in 1928. The set design and recreated period of this delightful movie is something to admire; small town America with milk wagons in the jazz age. Charles Colburn is excellent in another role in which he is an eccentric millionaire who needs to enter the world of average citizens (he does the same in “The Devil and Miss Jones”). Rock Hudson, chosen by director Sirk as the manley heart throb (an intentional irony?), plays poor Dan who loves Millicent (the beautiful Piper Laurie) but scores no points with her mother who dreams to move up in society. There a lessons to be learned along the way but sight gag comedy and funny misperceptions make the movie easy to watch. ***1/2

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