Saturday, January 27, 2018

Feature:"Back Story"

Feature: "The Back Story"

Before a long road trip I arranged a rental for the winter months in Gargas, a village in the Vaucluse region of Southern France. That road trip was exhausting since it included Rome and a month in the Alsace region (another rental in the village of Orschwiller) so it was with anticipation of peace and quiet I settled into a section of a house in the village.

It became a part of my daily schedule to walk along the hills of this area, the ochre fields not far away, and the exceptional valley extending from the villages of Bonnieux and LaCoste to the south and to my location, the hill in the north.

Here, among the sleeping vineyard, an ochre colored ruin became an often photographed object and after a light snow the winter sky and bright color of the ruin stood out.

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