Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Back Story: Feature

Back Story Feature 

A lot of effort went into arranging an apartment in Florence, Italy since the center of town, the historic area, is off limits to cars and I would be driving. I didn't want to garage the car for the term of the rental so I looked for an apartment outside the no car zone, which began my troubles.
The rental turned out to be awful for several reasons. First, it was on a high traffic street and the pollution levels were unbearable. Because this turned out to be a very warm November, and the front of the apartment, the kitchen/living room area had one window facing the street, it was a choice between a hot room or traffic pollution. Also, as it was near the river, and assumably because of the hot weather, mosquitoes were impossible when the back window, facing a tiny garden area, was open.
Though the plan was for a 6 week stay I was out of there in 3 weeks with a rental fee lose because the agency refused a refund.
Driving down to Tuscany, were the real story of the photo begins, I was about two kilometers for San Gimignano when I saw a sign for a agriturismo (rural bed and breakfast). I was shown an apartment by a Italian woman that faced the town across a lovely stretch of Tuscany scenery.  So, for several days, with my camera set on a tripod pointing at the town, I took photographs at various times of the day. The result is here and that is the "Back Story".     

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